About Us

EMERGE Copenhagen is located at

The Department of Gastrointestinal Diseases – Surgical division

Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev-Gentofte

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen University Hospital Herlev – Denmark

The Hospital is a 860-bed emergency- and teaching hospital with a patient-uptake based on 465.000 citizens. More than 140.000 emergency admittances are handled every year.

EMERGE Copenhagen was established in August 2022 as part of a growing and more structured activity in research in emergency abdominal surgery.

The EMERGE Cph group consists of emergency surgeons, nurses, clinical dieticians and physiotherapist’s.

The EMERGE Cph research groups vision is to become a leading reserach facility in Scandinavia and Europe. The EMERGE Cph group performs high quality clinical research based on the patient cohort in need of high risk emergency surgery (laparoscopy, laparotomy) due to

  • Perforated bowel / perforated hollow viscus
  • Major abdominal bleeding
  • Trauma
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Mesenteric ischemia
  • Complicated acute abdominal wall including burst abdomen and open abdomen

The focus of the group is broad but the overall topic is to identify subgroups of patients in this heterogene cohort with the goal of tailored, optimized treatment within the fields of

  • preoperative diagnosis and optimization
  • intraoperative strategies
  • postoperative recovery with special emphasis towards nutrition and postoperative rehabilitation
  • measures of reducing re-admissions
  • establishment of a patient network for patients that underwent emergency laparotomy.

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