Ongoing Projects



A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial investigating infectious outcomes and mortality after emergency laparotomy regarding early and late parenteral nutrition in patients at nutritional risk. Recruting starts fall 2023.


Investigation of association between Nutrional screening and surgical outcomes. Recruitment ended.


Investigating rate of muscle atrophy on outcomes following laparotomy.

After Discharge

The Danish Laparotomy Network

Establishment of a network for patients post emergency laparotomy with the purpose of patient-education, sharing experiences and increase knowledge of life after emergency laparotomy. Recruiting.

iVertigo trial

Randomized clinical trial investigating a standardized discharge care-bundle vs. standard care on quality of life and readmission after emergency laparotomy. Preparation.


Investigation of preoperative patient reported quality of life and risk of readmission after laparotomy. Recruitment ended.


Investigation of patient reported changes in quality of life changes during postoperative recovery after laparotomy. Recruitment ended.

The Care study

Investigation of the impact of socioeconomic status, mental health and strenght of family and social relations and risk of out-of-hospital complications and emergency readmission after major emergency abdominal surgery. Recruiting.

Abdominal Wall


Investigating associations between the risk of burst abdomen to surgeon-observations of abdominal wall integrity and applied technique. Recruiting.


Prospectively collection of characteristics in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy to identify risk factors for short- and long-term abdominal wall outcomes. Recruiting.

Reg.: NCT05509452


Magnetic resolution high frequency follow-up of abdominal wall healing after emergency laparotomy to characterize the earlist signs of the development of incisional hernias. Start: Fall 2023

Reg.: NCT05528692

ARMOR study

Reportings on short- and longterm outcomes after augmented mesh-repair of burst abdomen. Recruting ended.


RISK1 study

Prospective verification of the most recognized risk-scores for outcome after emergency surgery. Recruting ended.

RISK2 Study

Investigation of high Clinical Frailty score on differentiated surgical and medical complications. Recruiting ended.

RISK3 study

In-depth Investigation of Early and Late death after surgery associated to Clinical frailty score. Recruting ended.

Operative strategies


Description of local strategy for DSC/open Abdomen treatment and outcomes for patients. Recruiting ended.

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